About Us

M. R. Mastek was founded in 2014, after spending considerable time trying to find quality classical and vintage menswear at reasonable prices. Either the items were great quality and design, but at horrendous prices. Or they were a reasonable price, but then either the design or the quality were less than impressive.

We've founded the company from almost 10 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and selling historical uniforms, clothing and equipment, to museums, film productions, and reenactors.

It's this extensive experience we use to work closely with manufacturers, in order to create quality garments at reasonable prices.

The majority of our products are manufactures by ourselves, and can only be purchased on our website.

Our goal is to make those rare to find items available, and at a reasonable cost. Not saying that there isn't a place in the market for a 800€ safari jacket. But what if the majority of that cost is not used in creating the garment itself, but rather on marketing, losses inefficient supply chains, and so on. Take for example a pair of sneakers from a well known American brand. A model that sells for 100$ and is manufactures in the far east, only about 5$ represent the actual manufacturing cost, including materials and labour. The rest is spent on shipping, advertising, store profits, and finally the profits for the brand.
We want to create a quality product, but one that is also affordable.